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Lasting relief from pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum issues, and any other pelvic health concerns with expert, pelvic floor physical therapists.

What is Functional Manual Therapy®?

Functional Manual Therapy® consists of advanced, hands-on techniques to quickly identify and treat the root cause of dysfunction.

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

We treat all genders for pelvic floor dysfunction. We utilize hands-on evaluation and treatment techniques to address the source of your symptoms. 

Functional Physical Therapy in St. Rockville, MD
Functional Physical Therapy in Rockville, MD 

Our Clinic

Functional Physical Therapy is owned and run by Doctors of Physical Therapy, Gabriela and Matthew Van Sickle. Our doctors are Board Certified Pelvic Health Specialists and Certified Functional Manual Therapists who have specialized in treating pelvic health conditions. Our doctors have seen just about everything and will help you resolve your symptoms for good. We will find the root cause of your symptoms so you have lasting relief.

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Individualized Personal Treatment

Functional Physical Therapy Services

Here For You

We are here to give you the best possible care so you can be a healthier, more functional you. We aim to teach you how to care for your own body and achieve the active lifestyle you deserve.

Functional Manual Therapy®

Be the best possible you! Learn how these advanced techniques can bring you back faster.

Sports Rehab

No matter your age or competitive level, get back to what you love!

Pelvic Floor Therapy

Don't let pelvic pain or incontinence run your life! Let us help you regain control.

Prehabilitation & Wellness

Are you at risk for injury? Let us teach you how to prevent injury and optimize function.


What Customers Say

  • "Both Gabriella and Matt are incredible physical therapists! I've been seen by both of them in the past two years for a variety of pelvic-related pains etc. I originally started with Gabriella back in June of 2020 and have seen great progress throughout the visits. Gabriella carries forth incredible knowledge on the body as well as techniques and approaches for reducing symptoms/pain. She has also been dedicated to my specific case as a patient and is interested in working with me to better identify various pathologies that may be responsible for the chronic pain(s) so that we can treat those specific areas. We are working to hopefully get me back to 100% but I'm very satisfied with the progress we've seen thus far!

    Overall, I couldn't recommend a better physical therapist out there!"


  • "Gabby and Matt are amazing physical therapists. I’ve had abdominal, neck, and shoulder pain for a very long time but now feeling much better. I look forward to my visits and they spend the full hour with you one on one. Thank you Functional Physical Therapy!"


  • "Matt worked with me on two unrelated injuries: 1) a muscle-fascia constriction injury involving nearly every thigh/pelvic muscle, 2) a very painful intercostal (rib cage) muscle strain. For both injuries Matt applied his deep knowledge of anatomy and the complex kinesiology of the tissue layers, resulting in complete recoveries.


    Being a longtime (mediocre) athlete, I have worked with numerous physical therapists over the decades. Some go through the motions with mixed results, and a very few are true healers who effect recoveries. Matt is in this second group."


  • "Immediate results following 1st visit to Functional Physical Therapy. Decades of bad posture hunched over computer left me tight and unable to enjoy running. Now greatly improved mobility in neck, back and hips - even did an easy 2 mile run after treatment. Thank you!! See you again soon."


  • "Since having my son 14 months ago I was plagued by urge incontinence and slight leakage with jumping and coughing. I had no issues prior to the birth of my son. 1 session with Gaby and the incontinence and leakage issues are gone!! I’m so grateful to you! Thank you so much!"


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Functional Physical Therapy in St. Rockville.

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